10 Top Tourist Attractions in England

There’s no shortage of cliché-ridden ideas about England. From double-decker buses, thatched cottages and country houses, village pubs and cream teas. Also the eccentric aristocrats and cold, grey and rainy weather. Visitors however will find that it doesn’t rain as much as they had heard. That Indian restaurants far outnumber fish-and-chip shops and that there are a surprising amount of great. England touristic sites…

William the Conqueror originally built the structure in 1068. During the Hundred Years War, the facade opposite the town was refortified, resulting in one of the most recognizable examples of 14th century military architecture. In 2001, they named Warwick Castle as one of Britain’s “Top 10 historic houses and monuments” and is one of the top attractions in England.

England touristic sites …

Lake District

Lake District – England touristic sites

Located in north west England in the county of Cumbria, the Lake District is the largest National Park in the country. The main attraction is also the lakes and fells (mountains and hills) carved by glacial erosion and providing dramatic and inspiring scenery. It is England’s premier destination for hiking and climbing. Hence, 14 million visit the park including  national and international tourists each year.

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower of London

Now home to the British Crown Jewels, the Tower of London served as a prison from 1100 to the mid twentieth century.

They founded the Castle in the winter of 1066 as part of Norman conquest of E4ngland and served as a royal residentce before it became a prison. The Tower of London is reputedly the most haunted building in England. There have been tales of ghosts, including that of Anne Boleyn, inhabiting the tower.

The Cotswolds – England touristic sites


Cotswolds refers to a range of gentle hills in south central England, the main range reaching 330 meters (1083 feet) in altitude at its highest point. Poeple know this arena for the stone-built villages, historical towns, and stately homes and gardens. The Cotswolds are a popular attraction in England, within easy striking distance of London and several other English urban centers.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, in the city of Durham in northeast England is the greatest Norman building in England and perhaps even in Europe. People cherish it not only for the architecture but also for its incomparable setting. They laid the foundation stone of Durham Cathedral on August 12, 1093.Since that time, there have been major additions and reconstructions of some parts of the building. But the greater part of the structure remains true to the Norman design. The BBC held a poll in 2001 and  voted Durham Cathedral as England’s best-loved building.


York Minster – England touristic sites


One of the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe (alongside Cologne Cathedral in Germany), York Minster dominates the skyline of the ancient city of York. York Minster incorporates all the major stages of Gothic architectural development in England. Architechs began building in about 1230 and completed in 1472. The “Great East Window” inside the cathedral is the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.

Windsor Castle

Architechs have placed the castle at about an hour west of London.  Poeple refer to the Windsor Castle as the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world. It is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II who spends many weekends of the year at the castle, using it for both state and private entertaining. The earliest surviving buildings at Windsor date from the reign of Henry II who came to the throne in 1154.  People visit much of the castle, including the magnificent State Apartments and St Georges Chapel.

Big Ben – England touristic sites

The 150 year old Big Ben Clock Tower is one of London’s top attractions. The name Big Ben however actually refers not to the clock tower itself.  But to the 13 ton bell housed within the tower and takes its name from the man who first ordered the bell. That is Sir Benjamin Hall. It is the 3th largest free-standing clock tower in the world. The clock has become a symbol of the England and London and has appeared in many films. In the movie Mars Attacks! for example a UFO destroyed the Big Ben.

England touristic sites



Also, one of top tourist attractions in England, Stonehenge is among the most important prehistoric sites in the world. It was produced by a culture that left no written records so many aspects of Stonehenge remain subject to debate. Equally Evideence indicate that the large stones were erected around 2500 BC. It is not known for certain what purpose Stonehenge served. But however, many scholars believe the monument was used as a ceremonial or religious center.

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